Zionist intellectuals offer a Pizza to Samer Issawi

Free Haifa

Zionist intellectuals offer a Pizza to Samer Issawi

Israel’s Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs. Netanyahu, became a symbol of insensitivity, a local Marie Antoinette, when she famously offered pizzas to students activists on hunger strike against rising tuition fees. She didn’t express support for their just demands, nor did she show any admiration for their sacrifice or sympathy with their suffering. All she displayed was the light minded selfishness and hedonism of someone who is complete stranger to the notions of a just cause, struggle or sacrifice.

Some of those who claim to be “Israeli intellectuals” have proven today that their arrogance and insensitivity far exceed those of Mrs. Netanyahu.

“Writers and poets, including Eli Amir, Amos Oz and AB. Yehoshua, turned in a personal letter to Samer Al Issawi, on hunger strike for more than 230 days, and called on him to stop the strike.” So we read in today’s (13/04/2013) press.

No, they did not wake…

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