Colonial Femen Strike Again

Femen is like many Israeli activist, who forgot their role as “solidarity” activist, and started to try to lead the movement against a system of oppression they are part off! 

Over the last few months, Femen decided to “lead” the fight for Arab/Muslim women rights, so they started what they called “Topless Jihad Day“. Femen posted this picture as part of her campaign. Image

It doesn’t need much to notice the Islamophobia, Orientalist messages this picture send, from using a towel to imitate the Islamic head wear, to the beard “I understand she can’t grow a beard”, and the pose that suppose to imitate the Muslim prayers. which makes this picture all in all offensive to many Muslims, women and men. 

Femen, by waging it’s (Operation Women Freedom) to free all Muslim women from the Islamic patriarchy, are no different from many Israeli activists who tried to move from their solidarity positions, to lead the resistance against oppressive system they are part of.
“Same apply on French who went to Algeria to fight against the French colonialism, out of their believes that the oppressed are unable to liberate themselves” 

Femen are not Islamist Jihadist in Afghanistan or Syria, thanks to those who will eagerly try to point this to me. Well, my dear friend, nor radical Islamists are the problem. 

The Jihadist, or the Islamist “if you want”, are the result of colonial and sub-colonial oppression reflected on Muslim nations all over the world either directly, or indirectly through puppet dictatorships. Many of those dictatorship tried to enforce Liberal and more western friendly policies on their people, but those policies were doomed the moment the regimes collapses, as what happen in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq…etc.
Most of those changes were enforced by the system on the people, the moment the system is gone, people went back to their old ways, because they simply didn’t want those changes, associating it with the former oppressive system.
To create a permanent change in the society, you need the people to change and then enforce those changes on the system, which guarantees even if the system is no more, people will continues. 

Digging in the history of many members of those Jihadies or Islamist you notice that many were part of Socialist progressive movements, who abandoned their ideas, after what they thought the end of socialism by the collapse of the USSR. Many others are simply people who don’t want to change, and for sure, they don’t want changes to be enforced on them

To sum up! 

Femen might be standing for a noble cause, I too stand by, but I hate when a group of people think they are morally superior and in position to judges or enforce their ways on other, whether they were Islamist, Liberal, communist,…… what ever. People must have the right to choose how they want to live, and change the way they desire, even if we don’t like or agree with it. 

Burns the flag you want, strip as much as you want dear European ladies, but when real change take place, it will happen from inside the Arab and Muslim societies, No thanks to you, but rather, despite you. 


3 thoughts on “Colonial Femen Strike Again

  1. Lets not get away from the issue itself here. FEMEN have certainly made a dog’s dinner out of what was a cause backed by many secularist campaigners from the Middle East, as we can see from Maryam Namazie’s article.

    I saw the pics from outside the mosque..That looks like a hate crime in action but the cause and the idea to have a day and to promote it was a good one. Its just the actions aren’t too smart…as we can see.

  2. Let’s take this one paragraph at the time 🙂
    1 – Where exactly did FEMEN make the decision to lead the fight for (did you mean instead of?) Arab women? Staging a protest hardly counts as taking over the leadership of a lengthy fight.

    2 – I can sure notice the ‘Orientalist’ symbolism in this particular photo. Having seen some photos of the actual protest I didn’t see many such symbols. On the other hand I can’t see where ‘Islamophobia’ fits! Ridiculing Islam doesn’t necessarily mean that the one doing it is an Islamophobe.

    3 – About ‘colonialism’. We should recognize the line separating a colonialist discourse where a white wo/man says ‘you colored retarded fools don’t know what is best for you\ (just as in the position many western lefties took regarding the Libyan then the Syrian revolutions), from a westerner simply saying what s/he thinks of something. We might not agree with what’s said but calling it colonialist is an exaggeration.

    4 – Now to the point of Jihadists being a result of western imperialism! Sure imperialism helped, but they weren’t imported and installed into our communities by imperialists. It’s not like that we were living in an ideal society that was corrupted by imperialists beyond recognition! Jihadists aren’t simple straight forward reaction to imperialism. They are our own societies particular reaction based on specific social constructs deeply rooted in our culture.

    5 – If you agree with what you called a noble cause then you’re thinking of yourself to be in a position to judge. You can’t protest something without judging it to be wrong. If you think others shouldn’t judge something in our culture while we have the privilege to judge it, then this is illogical bias.

    6 – I should say that I agree with most of your last paragraph except for the last sentence. While change must be by the people, it won’t be full unless it’s enacted by the people everywhere. It will come about despite our common enemies, here and there.

    • lets take ur points one by one!
      1- I left this one to the end, but I think i answered it somewhere below 🙂 something about directing the resistance through support and ignoring…etc..

      2- Orientalist is one part of the picture, but the racist is also there, the uses of the towel for the head wear, I think many muslims living in the west can recall being called “Towel head” many times, by right wing!
      I dunno why they used the towel for this, but for now, I can assume its adopting a racist speech.

      3- well, in an interview with Femen on Jstream Femen activist refused to acknowledge that a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf can be a feminist or someone cares about women right, but rather an oppressed woman. implying that women are free only when they act like them.
      Colonial don’t have to tell u, u r a primitive creature who doesnt know what to do, they can easily come in a “caring form”, where they encourage u if u did something they like, ignores u, or even attacks u, if u acted differently.
      and this what I sensed

      4- err, well, I am sure Jehadist weren’t brought her by the Colonialist, or anyone but the society itself, I am not the syrian regime 😛
      but also, we must acknowledge what trigger this radical mentality, its simply why those ppl one day woke up and said… “hmm its time to kill some ppl, or suppress women even more” I know many of the traditions existed long before, some coming from religious background. others from social structure put there to maintain the man superiority. but radical islam itself, started to spread a cross the area over the last 30-40 years, it did exist before, but not in the scary format we see today, I believe those people came out depression, disappointment and the continues fail of their world in the last century.
      I am sorry, but I dont think the muslims society was ever free enough to kick out the religious radicalism from it, it was always either colonialism, or fascist dictators.

      5- any fight for liberation is a noble cause, regardless to the means used, or the one who seeks freedom. There is oppression, then a resistance will exist, and i am by the resistance. but if the resistance will be nothing a but a replacement of one system with another, then even if i believe in ur cause, i will criticize u, i will try to stop u…. “doubt this will stop Femen tho”

      6- Common enemy, maybe.. again, I am sure they are battling with the patriarchal society all over the world, “it’s not just the Ukrainian after all”.

      u may find a lot of mistakes in this, and some sentences may make no sense at all, Give me a break, I just woke up and i cant find my glasses 🙂

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