Clean kill in Budrus

Sameer Awad a 16 years old from Budrus village near Ramallah was shot 4 times during clashes with the Israeli colonialist forces earlier today.

In the video, Palestinian doctors try desperately to revive the young man, before they announced his death.
Eye witnesses said, a small unit from the Israeli army raided the village, taking position near the village school. As the students walked out from their final exams, clashes erupted with colonialist, which lead to the fatal shooting of Sameer.

The Israeli army shot Sameer 4 times in his legs, twice in the chest and once in the head, although their is no records about the shooting sequence, I think I can make a guess.
He was shot in his legs first, then in the chest twice, to finish the job with a bullet in the head.
It was a clean kill, a work of professional assassins rather than a scared soldier defending himself!.

This was just a guess, the most reasonable scenario I could think of. In the end, regardless to what I think happened, “facts will reveals it self later in the coming hours. The undeniable fact is a 17 years old was shot 4 times, by a highly trained soldiers while he was leaving his school.

Go a head, and justify that!

Update: Final medical report, Sameer Awad was shot 3 times from the back, legs, neck and ribs cage, which lead to his death.
Obviously, it was not the work of assassins, just the act of a cowered gunman.
At the same time the Israeli colonial forces said in their statement “Palestinian teenager that soldiers shot dead in West Bank had been part of group trying to damage the separation, let me get this straight, a whiteman structure is more valuable than the life of a native teenager. The Israeli are taking their colonial mentality to a whole new level


3 Pictures for Samer Awad and his family in the hospital!


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