Introducing Fanon

In late 2010 I downloaded all the messages recorded by brother Mumia Abu Jamal, a former black panther and an inspiring revolutionary, writer, and journalist, regardless to the fact he serves a life sentence in the US prison complex.
Mumia was accused and found guilty with the murder of Daniel Faulkner a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. He was sentenced to death at his first trial in 1981, 30 years later, in January 2012, his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
You can find Mumia recorded messages at Prison Radio

Among the tracks was a message “check attached video”, in which Mumia talks about the brilliance of Frantz Fanon, and how much Fanon’s writing influenced him as a young panther. Fanon were obligatory reading for all black panther members.

In summer 2011, in a conversation with a US labor unionist, who was active in the 60’s and 70’s civil rights movement, “he was visiting Palestine then”, he commented on my Fanon book “Fanon wrote the bible of all modern revolutionaries, you must read it, read the wretched of the earth”, I had “dying colonialism” then.


All of that, gave me the push I needed to discover Fanon, with a help from friends I got his books, and over the last year and a half, I got the opportunity to read, discuss, and talk about Fanon and his theories about the mentality of the oppressed, colonialism, and revolutionary violence.

Although people think Fanon was violence apologist, who only promoted revolutionary violence, specially when they stop at his famous quot “Violence, is the oppressed man re-creating himself” I always saw Fanon as a visionary who saw what is going to happen in the years after the revolutionary war of independence has been won.

Fanon talked a lot about how incomplete decolonialization, and how the colonialist will pass their powers to the colonazied bourgeoise to guarantees the continuaty of their domination over the colony. Sooner or later, the nationalism that lead the people to liberation, will push them to sub-nationalism, chauvinism and finally racism to end up in civil wars like what happened in Rwanda, Sudan and happening right now in Syria “Sectarianism is a form of racism!”

Fanon books are not an easy read, they are book written for activist, psychologist, revolutionaries and colonialist, YES, colonialist, they read it as a warning. Reading the book and the history of colonialism readers will be able to see the similarities between colonial powers actions towered the natives, from Australia to Canada through Asia, Africa and the Arab wold, colonialist used the same tactics, as if they are reading from the same manual.

Fanon, literature inspired a lot of revolutionaries a cross the globe, such as, Ali Shariati of Iran, Steve Biko of South Africa, Malcolm X, and even Che. His books continues to influence many new liberation movements all over the world. Making Fanon the father of modern anti-colonial revolutions after all he once said “When we revolt, it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.”


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