Remember Ayash

Remember Ayash

I have complex feeling about Ayash, But he is without a question a remarkable man, you can not forget.
Yahya Ayash born in Rafat village near Nablus in May 5, 1966, where he study until hight school, before he move to study in Birzait university, where he studied electrical engineering to graduate in 1988, he got married, and had 2 children, he was assassinated in January 5, 1996.

Ayash In his short live, managed to be one of the most brilliant bomb makers the Palestinian resistance ever knew, he was specialized in making explosive from basic materials available in occupied Palestine. Ayash played a major role in introducing and developing what later became known among Palestinian as “Martyrdom operation” . The tactic was first introduced in Lebanon by the Lebanese resistance in the 80’s. Ayash managed to develop it, making explosive lighters, smaller, and more lethal. In 1994 Ayash changed his targets from the Israeli military caravans, checkpoints and bases to the Israeli civilians after he was given the green light from AlQassam leadership, as shock and anger overwhelmed the Palestinians after the Ibrahimi mosque massacre in which 29 Palestinians were killed by Dr.Baroch Goldestien.
Ayash revenge left 76 Israeli dead and 400 injured.

Many of those who will read this might see Ayash as a terrorist, others might see him as a hero. Personally I always saw him as the man who changed the Palestinian resistance forever, making it self dependent, and independent from the PLO leadership in Tunis back then. Add to that, all developments Hamas military wing (AlQassam brigades) reached in the recent years can be traced to Yahya Ayash work. He played a role in developing the explosive and drawing the blue prints of many of AlQassam current gadget.

Yahya Ayash said before his death, “The colonialist can uproot my body from Palestine, but I seek to plant something in my people, they can never uproot”
I think he did.


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