Political Islam

I never understood this term, “Political Islam”, it has been used a lot by so many people in the west as much as in Muslim world. Specially when they want to refer to factions like Hamas, Hizbuallah, Muslim brotherhood, Alqaeda,….etc.

I found this particularly interesting because it indicate that Islam is a non political faith, and its being politicize by those people to gain power, which is simply not true, Islam is a political faith, those factions didn’t need to politicize it, they simply use its politic to gain credibility. 00505_08, Afghanistan, 10/1982, BIO-10380NF5

 Islamist factions are lazy to build their own ideologies to motivate the people, so they use the political motivation already exist in the core value of the Islamic faith to recruit and motivate the masses.

In other words, I don’t think all Muslims support or want to establish an Islamic state, even if they voted for an Islamist party here, or fought under a Jehadi group flag there. Many of those people voted for the MB or joined the other because this is what faithfuls do. They return for their faith, for their god to gain the power they need to pass the hardship.

YEMEN-10123, Yemen, 04/1997

Islam as a faith has a huge storage of political motivation, people in case of war and crises return too. I remember once watching an interview with a member of the Chechen resistance, the British journalist asked the fighter, “are you radical Muslims? Jehadi Fanatic?” The young man smiled then said “No, we just pray 5 times a day now. Before the war, Islam didn’t mean much to us, it was there only in Holidays, weddings and funerals.”
When I heard this man words, I remembered an old documentary by Robert Fisk, called From Beirut to Bosnia “this is the first part, second and third you can find on related videos!”.

In the documentary Fisk travel from Beirut to Bosnia going through Gaza, and Egypt, talking about the rise of the radical Islam, in the last part of the movie, Fisk actually said “should I start all of my articles with “Be aware, the Muslims are coming””.

Fisk as an outside observer managed to predict the rise of the Islamist faction as he witnessed the war and genocide Muslims were going through in Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Bosnia,…. everywhere around the Muslim world. He witnessed the Muslims finding  god again, they dropped the old ripped secular flags they fought under in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s to raise the new victorious “In Afghanistan back then” flag.

Muslims like any other faithful on this planet, they find god in hardship to forget him in peacetime! God is a war hero, with no place in peacetime. So, you want the Muslim world to become more secular, you want them to liberate women, you want to have gay parades in Kabul. Simple, Give the Muslim peace, stop fucking with them.

Photos by Steve McCurry, first from Afghanistan, second from Yemen


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