Explaining Anarchism to my religious father

First of all, allow me to give you a small idea about my father.
He is religious, but he is cool, he is not trying to force his faith on anyone, although he did try to convince some of my friends to convert.

In summer 2012, I decided to talk to my dad about Anarchism, I wanted to explain to him what it means, why I believe in it, and how it sees the world!
I tried to explain to him, how the liberation of Palestinians is part of humans liberation process, and how all causes all over the world are connected in one way or another.
I started by talking about governments, about how liberation movement replaced the foreign colonialist oppressor with a local oppressor, working to serve the interest of the colonialist. Then I talked about the workers controls over the means of production, and how peasant should own the land they farms, working together to enhance it.
I of course talked about the Spanish revolution, about the republican and of course about the communist treason, about how the fascist and communist couldn’t tolerate sight of people ruling themselves. Finally, I told him how he himself, lived in Anarchist society without even realizing it, and how much he loved it.

“Do you remember the first Intifada, before the PLO hijack it? before the money find its way to the young youth!?”
“Yes, good Old days, you were so young and ……………”
“Dad, its not about me!, what you lived back then was a committees based society, a society divided into smaller communities interacting between each other, to deliver what is best to the nation, the community took care of itself, when people took care of each other!” 

At this moment, I think I received the answer i didn’t expect,
“All what you said son are greats, all conforms with the true teaching of Islam”

Maybe I should have started with the “No God, No Master” part.

Note: Although Islam is less patriarchal than Christianity, it’s still centralized and patriarchal on many levels! Add to that in the last few years the Islamist factions and regimes around the “Arab” world, are making Islam more patriarchal and more “Christianity” like faith, to maintain their powers over the people! “will talk about this in different post!”


3 thoughts on “Explaining Anarchism to my religious father

  1. I read in a book (I can’t remember the name, I read it over a decade ago, I will let you know if you still want to) that Palestine was easily taken by the Israelis because of lack of statehood. Small example they didn’t even have a flag till half 20th century. Like you said yourself it was an Anarchistic society. It might be so that Anarchism is the solution to a free world, but honestly I don’t see it happen simply because it’s not in human’s nature. Besides water, food and shelter it’s in human nature to want more and more.

    Didn’t the Europeans do colonialism (<< sorry, lack of my English here) firstly for food and after that was obtained to get to the riches of these countries?? And to secure that one must rule of the other and have the support of followers, basically having a statehood. Supporters need statehood, I mean the word says it already what is it they support? They need to know what are the rules and who are we against, what are we fighting for. Overall people need to know what they stand for.

    In my opinion Islam got nothing to do with human nature and human decision making and whatever people are willing to do to obtain their 'wordly needs' by using human made ideology e.g. nationalism, zionism, patriarchism or whatever -ism.

    Last but not least, I'm with your Dad a 1000%: “All what you said Sir are greats, all conforms with the true teaching of Islam”!!

    Thank you, hope you read all the way through :P, S.

    • Thank you for your input, I did read all the way through, and I would love to make some points, first the Palestinian before the 1948 and i mean in the period between the 1917 and 1947 managed to create quit strong a nationalist feeling, they did saw themselves as a nation living under the britich mandate.
      otherwise, u cant explain the 1927, 1927, 1935 and 1936 revolutions in Palestine!
      I strongly recommend a small yet amazing book for Ghassan Kanafani in which he explain the Palestinian identity before the Nakbah!

      second, I do think many of the teaching of Islam meets with the teaching of Anarchism 🙂 I must admit it I was introduced to Anarchism through learning about alkhawarej 🙂

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