The Shooting of Muhamad Salaymeh captured on surveillance camera

The youtube Chanel IDFinArabic published this video earlier today claiming it’s for the moment when 17 years old Muhamad Salaymeh was shot dead by the IOF in December 12,2012.

The IOF claims that Muhamad Salaymeh threaten Israeli army with a gun, as a responce to this threat soldiers on the scene opened fire, to realize later the gun was fake.

The video shows Muhamad arriving to the IOF military post, exchanging some words with a soldier before he walks to the other side. Muhamad at this point assault a soldier, attacking him with his own hands.
Muhamad struggle with the soldier for seconds before 2 other soldiers arrival to the scene, to neutralized the young attacker.

By the end, the soldier who came out from the outpost, later identified as Nofar Mizrahi fire at the young man multiple times before he finally fall.

I don’t how you will see it, but what I saw in this video is 3 well trained soldiers overpowering a 17 years old student, then shooting him to death.
You can’t justify that!


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