Execution in Syria!

This video was posted in December 16, 2012 by Syrian opposition group showing what they claims a Syrian army soldiers executing a civilian inside a building.

The video description doesn’t mention the time or the place where it was filmed, and it provide no confirmation about the identity of those who executed and filmed this atrocity, or how the activist found it.

Personally, and based on the little I know about Syria and it’s regime, and based on the appearance of the victim, I can speculate it was the Syrian regime militia that committed this crime!
The young victim appears to be from a religious Islamist back ground, you can note that from his long beard and the way he dress. which make his executioners the regime affiliated militia, which have a long hate based relationship with orthodox Islam.

I am sure, this execution wasn’t the first, and wont be the last. Around 27 thousand people were killed in Syria since March 15, 2011, but the watching this video of this particular young man face, before his certain death made me speechless! May he rest in peace

This was a personal analysis, and opinion. I might be wrong, I might be right, but your feed back will bring us both closer to the truth.


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