Put Palestine back into its global context

I hate to admit, but Palestine is not special, but rather just another classic case of colonialism, a group of people came from Europe, formed settlements, got armed, ruling regime leave, then settlers practices all forms of ethnic cleansing, mass murder and apartheid against the indigenous population. So typical it makes u wounder if their is a manual they all uses.

Over the last 60 years, we dealt with the Palestinian cause as we are the only suffering people on earth, we talks about it everywhere we go, we complains why the world isn’t paying much attention when they kills us, we even tried to grab their attention using violence sometimes, and begging in others.

For Palestinians the world was and still, Europe, and North America, those are the one who counts! Who cares about south east Asia or South America?, people there are either in our side “because they give a damn” or “this in my opinion is the main reason” they don’t have that much of affect on humanity or world decision making as the white man, at least this what many Palestinians think!

We left the people of the south without any attention, we didn’t care enough to reach out to them, we didn’t knock the doors of the Zapatistan, although they knocked our door, when Subcomandante Marcos read a message of Solidarity to the people of Gaza during Gaza massacre 2008-2009. We didn’t reach out to the amazing labor unions in Valenzuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Brazil…… etc, although they believed in our cause just by reading the news. What about the amazing “Maoist” in central India who fight capitalism and globalization. what about the miners in Asturias Spain, the Greece brave protesters,….etc. Those are nations and movements who are willing to take our side, because they simply relate to our cause!

Comrades, I am not saying we shouldn’t reach out to the conscience of the people in the north, at the contrary we should reach out to them talk to them and make our demands clear and our voice loud. I am just saying its the time to put Palestine into it’s global context.

Palestine is a classic case of colonialism. Yes we suffer from formal colonialism and we may be one of the last in the world. Yet informal colonialism is mounting and capitalistic measures have never been so destructive to the lives of the ordinary people all around the world. In fact, right now is the time to reach out to all indigenous nations, labor unionists and environmentalists across the globe, all can associate with our cause and we with them, all will be willing to help.

Yes, Its time for the global revolution


2 thoughts on “Put Palestine back into its global context

  1. It’s not true that Palestinians didn’t reach out to “less fortunate” countries.. Letters were sent, press releases were made and money was donated in many many cases. You can’t expect a dying person to cut their piece of bread in two for someone they don’t know yet, many Palestinians did exactly that! I admit more should be done but more should be done from all humanity not Palestinians specifically. Palestinians are less fortunate and need to get their story out especially with the propaganda “israel” and it’s allies are enforcing on people through media and other mediums. The cause of Palestine should be the topic whenever possible, Palestine and Palestinians need to be heard!!!

    • Letters and press release is not a form of communications, its actually the most basic form of communication “Solidarity” which is basically saying “ohh, i support u, but i am not gunna do anything about it”.
      u obviously miss understood my post, where exactly I said we should fight for them? or cut their piece of bread? as u put it, what I am calling for is a joint struggle in which all oppressed nation stand and fight against their oppressor, which is Global corporatism, capitalist systems and western domination and colonialism.
      the Palestinian are not the least fortunate ppl of all, if we lost our lands, the Native american lost their lands too, so south american indigenous nations, we are part of global village, we dont live a lone on this planet, and no we are not the only suffering nation.
      at the same time, the Israeli propaganda is not stronger than the global propaganda machine, that muted the voices of the oppressed all over the world, not just in Palestine, to achieve their agendas.
      one last thing, please dont use the Term less fortunate, its colonialist and imply superiority!

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