Palestinian Prisoners Club Fail

The Palestinian prisoners club announced a sit-in for the Palestinian prisoners families in Ramallah, in Sunday July, 15. When the prisoners families arrived to the location found themselves on a stage for a movie directed by Palestinian Director Rashied Mashharawi.

The Prisoners mothers and family members were outraged when they realized the whole sit-in was just for scene in a movie, many left the sit-in area angry, refusing to be part of this “farce” as one mother described it.

The incident was reported by a local TV, ALQuds educational TV did a 3 minutes report in which prisoner’s mothers expressed their anger exploiting their status as prisoners mothers for making profit in movies.

“our sons are heroes, we are not coming here to Ramallah to be a joke, our sons are Heroes, look ” one mothers said. ” Since when the Prisoners families became part of movies, we want our children, we demand our children, (…) we want from anyone with a conscience to stand with us” another mother stressed.

In a reaction to the video report and in attempt to comfort the prisoners families, the Palestinian prisoners club issued a statement earlier today, in which they claimed that the problem rose when they failed to inform the prisoners families coming from Nablus about the nature of the sit-in, Implying that everyone else was.

Yet and since yesterday until now I have heard from multiple resources that’s no one was informed about the fact their will be a filming crew, at the contrary, many said they were asked to come and bring their sons pictures for a sit-in, Mahmoud Abbas intended to attend. No further information were given.

Those stories were confirmed when a news website related to AlQuds Educational TV, published the statement and the invitation they received from the Prisoners club to the event.

The invitation didn’t mention anything about the movie, at the contrary, the invitation stated that the sit-in was to raise the voice of the prisoners!

I am not hear to point fingers, or judge, I am here to say one thing, Stop Exploiting us, we are more than that, we are fighters, writers, lovers, heroes, and average people, but the one thing we are NOT, Extras in a movie.


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