What about them?

On June 29th a group of Palestinian activist went to street in Ramallah to march against the alleged meeting between Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian president and Mofaz the leader of Kadima. The protest was suppressed by the PA security forces, causing many injuries, and of course many arrests too.

PA police suppress Sunday, July 1st protest in Ramallah

The next day the brutality continued when the PA suppressed the same protesters when they went to street to protest the violent reaction at the protest the day before. The suppression of the tow protest draw a lot attention to the PA, and raised a lot questions around the PA claims of democracy and freedom of speech. Many people wrote articles about it, going as far as calling it the spark of the Palestinian spring which is hyperbolic to say the least, even as pictures of the protest filled the social media websites!

The PA, proving itself to be the smartest regime in the Arab world, or maybe because they really wanted to be democratic, announced an investigation committee, and allowed the protest the following Tuesday to take place without police intervention.

At the same time, not so far from Ramallah a group of 13 students were continuing a sit-in in Hebron university, which started in June 19th against the PA suppression of the Student movement at the university.

The 13 student talking to media

13 Students, 10 belonging to Hamas student movements and 3 belongs to Islamic jehad, started a sit-in demanding the Palestinian Authority to release 3 students that were arrested for their student activities, and a written commitment from the PA security to not monitor or suppress the student movements inside the university, as Rami Al-Rojoub the protesters spokesperson stressed to Maan‘s reporter.

The Students are now in their 26th day of the sit-in, 8 of them have been on hunger strike for 13 days! Today, they announced that they will escalate their protest if their demands weren’t met by 6PM. Yet, the people who live in Ramallah bubble, whether they are internationals or Palestinians failed to acknowledge those student’s struggle for freedom of speech.

Obviously whatever happen outside sexy Ramallah doesn’t worth it.

In the end remember Martin Luther king words “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”


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