What a shame he didn’t mash his face!

An Israeli Army officer was caught on tape beating a Danish citizen during the the bicycle protest that took place last Saturday, April 14,2012.

the video
Israeli right wing newspaper Ynet-“yediot ahronot”-ran the story about the video both on it’s Hebrew and English website, the piece is very normal, witness said so and so, IDF spokesperson: Blah Blah Blah, its not why I write this post. 
When I read the article “I read the English one” I didn’t pay any attention to the comments section, but my fellow tweep @Palestine52, who read the Hebrew version was outraged with the Israeli comments on the incident, so in attempt to expose the rooted racism in the Israeli society against everything related to Palestine, he started and translate and post those comments on the hashtag #YnetTalkbacks. 
Before I leave you with some of the translated comments check out the comments on the English version. 
Link to the article
Translated comments, you can find many others on #YnetTalkbacks

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