Nabisaleh, another night raid

The Israeli army raided Nabisaleh again, and as before they raided the house of Bilal Tamimi. The Israeli army this time insisted on waking up the children, including Bilal 5 years old daughter.

In the video and as Bilal refused to wake up his own daughter, one of the soldiers said “If you don’t want to wake them up, we will do that!” in Arabic. His deceleration was met with an angry protest from Manal Tamimi, Bilal’s wife. Obviously the captain ordered his Arabic speaking soldier fuck off, as the soldier gave up seconds later.

Funny story, the soldier felt so threatened from Manal’s words, he responded “like wet scared cat” he is not from the Arab Druz minority, which might be true.
PS: He might be from the former South Lebanon Army(SLA) that collaborated with the Israeli occupation through out Israel’s occupation of southern Lebanon and fled it when Israel withdrawn it’s forces in April 2000.

Later, one soldier attempted to take Manal’s photo using his cellphone, but as Manal and Bilal protested the soldier attempt and asked for a justification for this attempt. While Manal was protesting the soldier kept on saying “will u listen to me!?”. When Manal told him, he can talks, he got an order over the radio, and simply walked away…
I will kill to know what he wanted to say!

Watch the video bellow.

Salute to Bilal and Manal for their bravery.


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