Video from Chicago to Hana Shalabi

Hana Shalabi was brutally arrested in February 16, 2012, she is in hunger strike since then, protesting the Israeli administrative detention policy. 
Hana Shalabi is following the steps of Khader Adnan who started a hunger strike in December 17 lasted for 66 days, before he ended it, in a deal, in which he be release in April 16 or charged, giving him the chance to defend himself. 
A group of Activist in Chicago, made this great video for Hana, the video start with the definition of the Administrative detention, to continue with the story of Hana detention for 2 years, release in the prisoner swap deal, and then arrest again.

Hana Shalabi is not the only one in hunger strike in the Israeli prison complex, many fellow prisoners joined her making this even a larger action against the Israeli unjust and inhuman policies.


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