Danny Ayalon on the Palestinian Refugees

Danny is back with another video, this time about the Palestinian refugees. 
The video titled “The truth about the Refugees” but he can’t be further from it. 
The video mentions the 800,000.00 Arab Jews who were forced out of their home countries by the corrupted Arab regimes in Iraq, Morocco, Algeria…etc. Yet he fails to remember many decided to stay regardless to their country regimes practices. Which match Israel’s practices against the Arab population from early 50’s until our present time.  
Later on, Danny talks about the Palestinian refugees conditions in the host countries. as most of them have been denied the right of citizenship, work, health cares, and free movement, which is true. All of those Fascist practices are the Palestinians refugees reality in Lebanon.
Then he talks about how the Palestinian refugees having their own UN agency “feeling special”, the UNRWA while the rest of the world’s refugees have the UNHCR. 
He mentions UNHCR duties in helping refugees to settle down in the host country, and how the refugees loses the refugee status if they got a citizenship from a recognized country, and finally how the refugee status wont be passed through generations. Unlike the UNRWA, who limits its duties in managing the Palestinian refugees daily life, such as food, schools, clinics..ect.
Danny forgot one simple fact, the UNRWA is a UN agency to manage the Palestinian refugees life, until the world find a political solution satisfies all parties. Unlike the UNCHR who have sole duty, solve the refugee issue with any mean necessary, which is not just, at all. 
All refugees want to go home, and the world should help them in doing that. Not just the Palestinians.


3 thoughts on “Danny Ayalon on the Palestinian Refugees

  1. I find it ridiculous to use the experiences of Arab Jewish refugees as a justification for what Israel did to the Palestinians. It's a non-sequitur. Ayalon should also note that many Arab Jews left their home states not because they were "pushed" out but because groups like the Jewish National Fund "pulled" them to Israel.

  2. In a funny sort of way, I feel sorry for the Arab Jews. They got screwed over by their host countries (I mean, let's be honest: a state is a state) and were then forced into a heavily euro-centric culture/system in Israel which caused many of them to shed their "Arab" identities out of discrimination by Euro-Israelis.This is exactly what I'm talking about:

    (Notice the blatant delegitimization of Arab culture and the portrayal of European Jewish Israelis as "saviors".)With that said, most of those Arab Jews and their descendants are now living relatively well in Israel while Palestinian refugees are still demanding their right to go back home. Sure, there's no excuse to what happened to the Jewish refugees, but 1) I can't do anything about what happened to them, so why tell a sob story?, and 2) I can do far more to help the Palestinian refugees since the country I have to pay taxes to (the USA) is directly part of the problem and I can have *some* kind of influence on its policies.

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