Khader Adnan

In December 17, 2011 the Israeli Fascist Forces (IFF) raided a house in Arraba, a village outside the west bank city of Jenin. The Fascist -well armed- soldiers used a blindfolded man as a human shield to raid the house, they forced him to call for Khader Adnan.
As soon as the soldiers entered the house, they recognized the target, and grabbed him violently in front of his 2 young daughters and ill mother.

Khader Adnan

 Khader Adnan was handcuffed with plastic shackles, blindfolded and pushed into the Jeep floor, where the soldiers stroke him through the 10 minutes drive to “Dutan” Settlement. Although Khader was arrested at 3:30AM the Fascist kept him handcuffed until 8:30AM when they transferred him Meggido prison. 
At this point and in his first day of detention Khader Adnan bagan a hunger strike in protest of his unjust arrest and the inhuman treatment he received.
Next day, Khader was taken to Al Jalameh interrogation center where he got a medical examination. Although he notified the prison doctor of his medical conditions as he suffer from gastric illness and disc problems, he received no treatments. Instead, he was taken to interrogation straight after the exam. 
The interrogation lasted for 10 days, at the beginning Khader cooperated and answered the general question, but after he was verbally abused by the interrogator, Khader went in speaking strike, and refused to talk or cooperate with the Fascist interrogator.

Khader Adnan, was taken to the court in Monday, January 30, at the same day he informed his lawyer he will start a liquid strike. “Refusing to drink water or any other form of liquids”.
The court postponed Khader case until Wednesday, February 1.

Khader Adnan entered the court today on wheel chair, as he could walk no more, and his health is getting worse in the hospital where they keep him chained to the bed with 3 guards surrounding him!
47 Days has passed since Khader Adnan started his hunger strike, and until now, the prison administration gave the man nothing but promises to fulfill his demands. and threats to force feed him.

Poster by Walied Edries


PS: If you didn’t like the terms I used to describe the Israeli Fascism… well, I will be glade to know how you define Fascism.


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