Palestine in PA Text Books

A friend posted this earlier today on facebook, its a picture from the Palestinian English text book for fifth grade students, the book mark Palestine as the west bank and Gaza only, they even excluded Jerusalem from the map and marked it with black.  
The map in the book 

Another shot of the book it self

Which remind of what happened a few weeks ago, when many Palestinian went crazy, after Qatar showed the Palestinian map as the west bank and Gaza at the entrance of the Palestinian delegation in the opening of the Arab Games 2011. Most of the people who protested were the same mouth pieces that chanted and cheered for the PA united nation bid.
All of this make me wonder does my people understand what’s going on? do they know what is happening? I know all the people are looking for a free Palestine, but the Palestine the people have in mind is much different than the one the Palestinian leaderships are seeking. 
I wish the people will wake up one day, and for one last time, they will take matters into their own hands. 


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