Cut The Crap People! Will You?

In Wednesday 7/12, me and some fellow activist met with a German parlimant member called Volker Beck, from the Green party.

We started by talking about the challenges we face as bloggers and activist living in Palestine, then we started to discuss politics in general, then we were asked, how we see the ultimate solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I remember explaining the idea of one state solution before my fellow Palestinians picked up and continued the discussion. I was trying to tweet when I heard Mr. Beck saying “… you must understand the Israeli need to have a Jewish homeland!…”
This brought to my mind an old calls to establish an Islamic state in Palestine by some Salafis groups. which made me smile, the enemies seek the same objective, a religious state; and both side supporters uses the same words “…you must understand the needs…”. in this case you must understand my needs to tell you “Over my dead Body” (pretty much sure both, will says “gladly”)

it cant get any better!

I am not against any religion, to be honest I cant care less about them and their ideologies. but when they seeks a religious state, then dear, we have a problem here, can you please answers the follow questions? please. Why you want a religious state? Can you guarantees an equal rights by law for all? Can you explain to me how? Can you guarantees the resident of your religious state wont discriminate against the people from other faiths or sects? and how?
Please feel free to answer my questions, thank you!

I don’t understand why the Jews want a Jewish homeland, I don’t even understand why Muslim want an Islamic homeland. I understand one thing humans want lands to live on!, it doesn’t have to be Jewish or Muslims. You go to a country, you live in this country, no one on earth should come to you and says “guess what you are minority here! so yaa! you either announce loyalty or fuck off”. or “those are our roles, although they are against your believes you must follow, we are after all the majority here! love it or leave it!”. Well, people have you ever seen this, they call it The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 3:Every person has the right to live. Every person has the right to be free and the right to feel safe wherever he or she may live. 

Article 13:All people have the right to move and live within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country and return to his or her country.

Anyway just a couple of question to anyone who support Israel, Do you think “Jews”(1) were going to suffer if they just moved into Palestine and didn’t take the whole land by arms?
Do you think antisemitism will exist in Middle East, if they were “are” harmless?
If your answer is Yes, then surprise, you are nothing but a “Racist”(2).

1800’s Jews in Palestine

1- I know, Jews are not the one to blame, the Zionist are, but I couldn’t form the sentence in any other ways. English is not my native language after all. 🙂

2- Assuming individuals or nation will hate and discriminate against other nations, based on their religion or look is racism. in best case Stereotyping.


One thought on “Cut The Crap People! Will You?

  1. What is it with religious nuts always campaigning for religious states? Organized religion always seems very connected with statism. Do they really believe hierarchical institutions are the best way to keep everyone living according to the values of their religion?

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