Eid is Here!

Every Eid night, I would take my new clothes, put them on my bed, look at them, putt them back in the closet, trying them, take them off after mom yelling on me for ruining them, telling me to wait for tomorrow.

I would get very excited to wake up at 5 in the morning so I can go with my dad to the Eid prayer then to the grave yard, before heading back to the family house where we all gather to have breakfast before we go in the day long Eid’s trip, driving from one house to another, greeting relatives and passing Eidyeh “a symbolic amount of money the working men in the family usually give to the women and children”. 
Visiting all those houses used and still take us 2 whole days to finish, always finish with stomachache from coffee and Ma’amool “Eid cookies stuffed with dates”. 
4 years ago it hit me, what seemed, those enjoyable days I have twice every year are nothing but a boring routine, what used to be the best days of my life became just another day, in which I have to wake up very early, dress up for it, and then be nice to people you see twice a year. it’s no longer amusing. 
Although I am aware this feeling is very much expected from someone in his med 20’s,, yet I dearly miss having my old Eid, when everything was much simpler, with no concern but what to buy with those few hundred Shakels you curry around. I know time has changed so people, and I don’t want them to change. It will be great if they did though,

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