Palestine is NOT Ready

A friend send me this earlier today through email, I am in shock since I clicked play. 
The video starts nicely talking about the 3 major religion who lived in Palestine, and how important Palestine is for everyone. All OK, until, the commentator start talking about the establishment of Israel in 1948, this where the whole video started to go down all the way. First, the Video, Justified the establishment of Israel, by repeating the Zionist propaganda, Israel was established to save the Jews from the holocaust “The 2/11/1917 British promise, 20 years before the holocaust, has nothing to do with Palestine and Jews, Right?” 
The video continued, totally Ignoring the 1948 and that forced 750 thousand Palestinian out of their homes, destroying over 400 villages “by the way the 750,000 became 6+ millions over the last 63 years”.
What we are going to do with those? 
The video also talked about the new generation of leaders, the youth, “they mentioned them, but they interviewed none!” and how all the political factions and social economical structure, and the youth formations “youth formation? really?” ACT like they are a part of state that believe in governmental structure, “and the Oscar goes to….”.
Then they mentions the most important, the industry “obviously we have one!” and economy in Palestine, and how in Palestine we enjoy “economical growth”,”Building boom”,”a growing foreign investment”  and a total dependency on Israel as it controls, borders, harbors, airports, customs, Telecommunication lines, the radio waves the Palestinian use, roads, and… I think this is enough. I wont call myself an economist, I burly passed my economy class in school, but don’t you have to be controlling your borders first to have a good dependent economy?
Finally, where the hell they filmed this video, other than some landscapes, the video must be filmed in TelAvive or something, nice covered markets with a lot of tourist walking around, people having fun, enjoying life while working for Cocacola. But is this the same Palestine me and you live in? and what about the other Palestinian cities, Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, what about Gaza? 
My Name is Ahmad, and their Palestine is not my Palestine. 
Comment by Diana.  

People who worked on this video in away or another affiliated with PA. either working for them or did in the past but either way what makes me upset in the video is not the issue of one vs. 2 states but rather the image they reflect upon us..

No the Palestinians are not rich, not educated and not all have the privileged of going to Orjuwan and such places… this might reflect a minority of a max 2000 Palestinians happened to live in Ramallah.. but the majority is refugees, villages and people who do suffer on daily bases. I do not intent to show the suffering in the counter video.. As we and the world as sick of seeing..

The image of us being ready for freedom.. The mass protests on the borders and the success stories of Palestinians are things people around the world should see.. But one thing the world needs to understand: This is who we are, we may be savages and we may be not meeting the qualifications of the west but this is who we are and nobody ever lived under such longs of occupation and made it to the end..

This video is made in a way to satisfy donors and western audience… But you know it does not reflect the real Palestinians and that’s what we should focus on!


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