Black and White

Every time I sit and talk to new foreigners coming either to study Arabic in Beir Zeit, or to spend the summer volunteering in some NGO or doing some work somewhere, the hell I care, I hear the same old talks. Ohh I love Palestine and Palestinians, I am so coming next year, freedom, Love, Peace… CRAP CRAP CRAP and finally BS.

I usually listen to them talking passionately about the amazing time they spend at this village or that. “ohh i am sooo in love with tea and Meramyeh and na’a na’a” they would also talk about the Wara’a Enab they ate the other day too, and they always finish it with “Ohh, Ahmad living with those people, sharing food with them, made me understand their pain, I feel like I am one of them.” (seriously, already? You came like a week ago!). I usually smile, and think “how deep lady gaga’s lyrics are!?” 
Most of those people never stayed in Palestine longer than the usual 3 months, they come in, have a nice trip, and maybe hook up with either a Palestinian, or an Israeli(you never know) Then they get on an airplane and get the fuck out of here. Many we never see again(Thank God), some return;”they come back to liberate Palestine”.

Ramallah down town 

About a month ago a friend of mine asked me to meet up in a bar in Ramallah called Bait Annesah, despite my promise to myself not to step a foot there, I went to see this friend, as she was leaving the next day. I finally got in the pup,, after convincing the bouncer that I am part of a group, which was waiting  for me inside.
I walked up to sit with my friend, who was already sitting with a group of Palestinian(i am not sure) Europeans and Americans. The conversation carried on, while I sat there saying nothing, until one of the so called Palestinian said “Existence is Resistance, being here is part of resisting the occupation”. I looked to their faces for reaction, I saw nothing but approval. I said bye to my friend directly, as I couldn’t stay any longer;I would kill someone if I did.

FYI: existence is resistance when your house, land, or even bar under threat of being attacked by settlers or army, when your existence as individual effect the Israeli policies in your area. Existence is NOT resistance if you are sitting in a bar in Ramallah downtown! 

This is one of the too many statements I heard from many of those same pretentious, arrogant white-people, with a big colonialist and orientalist mentality. And just to help you understand why I said what I said, I am adding a couple of those statements I heard:

“The Palestinian keep fucking it up.” American. “they wont give up!”
“I really can’t understand why you people love violence that much” European. “coffee?”
“Palestine will be much better, if you got rid those bearded fanatic” European. “who?”
“I can’t believe this man, he told me I can’t drink in there, so dark age” European. “OK”
“I dressed as Palestine for Halloween this year.” American. “not going to ask how!” 
“I don’t think Palestinians understand, what non-violence means” American. “TRUE”
This post is not directed against a lot of the great people who got to knowthe Palestinian cause as their own, standing at the front line in Nabi Saleh, Bilin and Nilin, or spend hours documenting and translating to expose the Israeli practice against my people. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for them, this post is against those who think by spending a week or 2 hanging out in Ramallah bars and expensive restaurants, they can claim to understand me, my people and my cause. This one is against everyone who thinks he/she has the right to judge my people, based on their standards.
“Do not judge, and you will not be judged” Luke 6:37


5 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. I remembered you talking to this person and arguing with him/her on facebook. You mentioned to him/her that he/she's been here for a few weeks and act that he/she knew what is good for Palestine compared to you. The problems were that even if he/she saw that her intentions were good, he/she had a clouded lens and a certain mentality that could never understand. You have to be understanding and know of what it's like in their shoes, their way of life, how their life is threatened. You cannot judge others because you don't know what they went through for themselves whether it be a Palestinian child, or a hamas member, or a fatah member, or etc. That is my only comment. Don't bother asking who I am. I am confused and hate what you did to me. But whatever.

  2. I thought about you becoming more cruel. But then I realized you never really did change. You just evolved into being more of you, someone who never changes who he was but someone who takes what's needed to live in this world and move on. You're still a jerk but at least you're honest and sincere.That's my schpiel for now.

  3. I want to let it all out my antagony towards you. But I seem to be apprehensive even when appearing anonymous. Why is it that to me you seem to be such an imposing figure? Perhaps you were a little cruel back then but became more so now. I guess to you I'm more interesting without an identity than someone you already know. Yes, yes, wasn't I "hilarious" to your friends? Not to worry, it's not as if I write everyday. Maybe I should insult you just to get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to be so apprehensive writing to you…1) If you stared at death right in the face, it would be suicidal for death.2)So proud and loyal, You would never stab someone in the back not even Ceasars, so when Ceasar saw you stabbing him in the front, he wasn't surprised.3) You could never be a politician or artist, cause in order to do that you would have to create the illusion of depth.4)If you were to dance, there would be 7.0 earthquake and babies would cry.5)Your belly was too full from eating, one friend would say something to you from one ear, while the other traveled across the equator to say something to your other ear.6) So stubborn and hard of hearing even deaf people are frustrated with you.I made 1-6 all up.Bye!

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