Palestinian Prisoners in Solitary confinement

1- Ahmad Saadat

Born in 1954. 
Became the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP) after the Assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa in 2001. 
After the Assassination of the right wing leader, and the Israeli minister of  tourism Rehaven Ze’evi, the Palestinian Authority arrested Ahmad Sa’adat, and held him in the presidential compound in Ramallah, before he was moved into a prison in Jericho under US/Britich guards. In March 2006, the Israeli kidnapped him in Operation Bringing Home the Goods
In December 25, 2008, the Israeli military court in offer, sentenced Sa’adat for 30 years.
He have been in solitary confinement since then.

2- Ahed Abu Gholmah

Born in 1968 
Joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP). studied anthropology in BeirZaiet University, he was active during the first Intifada. In 1994 Israel put his name on its wanted list, he managed to stay free until the PA arrested him in 2002. 
From 1996 until 2001 Ahed worked with Al Dameer (concentrate on the Palestinian prisoners rights in the Israeli prisons).
Israel accused Ahed for providing armed and training for the PFLP cell that assassinated Rehaven Ze’evi.
Arrested by the PA in 2002, and later kidnapped by the Israeli in 2006 in Operation Bringing Home the Goods.
In December 25, 2008, an Israeli military court sentenced Ahed for 30 years.
He have been in solitary confinement since then.

3- Abdallah Barghoti

Born in 1972. 
was Born in Kuwait which he left with his family in 1991 to Jordan, where he finish his high school, before he move to South Korea to work and study Korean literature for 2 years, after that he returned to Jordan to study mechanical engineer. 
Barghoti returned into his village in Palestine in 1990, worked in Jerusalem until 2000, before the first Intifada start, he then started to work in Ramallah and then Nablus where he was recruited by Hamas.
In 2001, after the Sbaro restaurant suicide attack in Jerusalem held by Ez Al Deen Al Massri(Picture below) AlBarghoti became on the top of Israel’s wanted list.

In  March 5th, 2003 while ALBarghoti was taking his daughter to the doctor he was arrested by the Israeli special force, few months later, an Israeli military court sentenced Al Barghoti for 1700 years.
He have been in solitary confinement since then.

4- Jamal Abu AlHaija

Born in 1959
ٍJamal returned to Palestine after the second Gulf war in 1990, after 11 years of teaching in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. As soon as he arrived to Palestine he participated in the first Intifada, he was arrested six times. 
During the Second Intifada he lead the Islamic movement in Jenin, in April 2002, Jamal fought with his brothers in Jenin camp against the Israeli invader where he lost his arm. 
He was arrested in August, 26, 2002. 
In April 11th, 2006 he was sentenced for 225 years. 
He have been in solitary confinement since then

5- Mahmoud Essa 

Born in 1968 “Not confirmed”
Mahmoud Essa was arrested in 3 Jun, 1993, after the kidnapping and killing of the Israeli officer Nassem Tolidano. 
“In response to this attack, Israel arrested and exiled 415 into Marj Al Zohor, they all returned a year later, as they refused to leave.”
Mahmoud Essa was sentenced for 121 years. 
He have been in Solitary confinement for the last 12 years. 
He describe his solitary confinement 

“Life and Death are Equal in the solitary confinement, even death and grave are more merciful, as it hold internal comfort after the man passes away, but in those cells, its a continuous death, in every second, in every blink. Words can’t describe, and human cant stand” 

Hope this gave you an Idea about some of the men who suffer from the Israeli fascist policies in its prisons industrial complex. Solitary confinement has no purpose but revenge from those men, who did nothing but standing in the face of the Israeli occupation.



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  1. Be patient my dear brothers for Allah does not sleep their time of judgement will come inshallah this life is not for us believers fighting for Allahs cause your rewards will be the next life inshallah and theirs will be a tourment for eternity

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