11 Years

11 years ago, in the 29 of September, AlQuds newspaper head line was “Ariel Sharon visit AlAqsa mosque”, 2 lines below the newspaper quoted him “I came here with a message of peace, I believe we can liver together with the Palestinian.” and peace is the only thing we didn’t see since then.

yaa, it’s all his fault 

In  29/9/2000 the Palestinian worshipers clashed with the Israeli police in Al Harram Al Shareef, after the Friday prayer, 7 people were killed, in less than a week another 66 Palestinian were shot dead in protests and clashes all over Palestine, in the west bank, Gaza, and the48. The Palestinian second Intifada has started!

Remember him?

The situation, regardless all effort to save the peace talk, the situation on ground escalated, the number of  Palestinian causalities raises every day, no day would pass without a Palestinian being killed by the Israeli, by the IDF in most cases and Settlers during the hunting seasons, 7000+ Palestinian and 1000+ Israeli were killed until now, and still counting.

Until 2002, most of the clashes between Palestinians and Israelis took place outside the major cities, either on villages, cities entrances or sometimes refugee camps(usually located on the outskirt of the cities).
In April 2002 the Israeli launched Operation Defensive Shield on the Palestinian cities, they started in Ramallah and Baitlahem and continues in Nablus, Jenin…etc. by the end of April hundreds of Palestinian were killed in both Jenin and Nablus, hundred of houses and business were either partially or completely destroyed, and the fight was brought to the Palestinian houses.

In the years followed, the Israeli continue to invade the Palestinian cities, with a different name each time,- must admit, some of those names were cool- all of them brought nothing but more death and more damaged houses, all of those attacks continued until, well, I want to say now, but I am not sure, but lets say until the end of 2008.

On personal level, the second Intifada brought the worse of me, as a 14 years old, it was what brought to reality, for the first time I realized how brutal my enemy is, and how hard is it to fight against his war machine. The books I used to read about the Russian, Vietnamese, Cuban revolutions didn’t prepare me to what I witnessed.
But, as many Palestinian, I distanced myself from reality, started to look to everything going around me, as something happening in far away land, I shut my eyes close, and prayed the next bullets wont hit me. Unfortunately this tactic was adopted by many Palestinians, living in the main cities, and mainly belong to middle class and upper middle class. “that’s why their is a good chance you will hear a Palestinian from Nablus, saying (Nablus has suffered a lot, don’t want that to happen again) as if it’s in his/her hand!”

This survivel tactic, -distancing from reality-, made the least damaged (on personal level) yet it was disastrous on collective level, the people started to care less and less about the suffering of their fellow Palestinian, after the fight between Fatah and Hamas in 2006 took place the problem deepen even more. The micro-protests that took place(if any) in the west bank during Gaza war are my prove on that.

The problem extend to even more dangerous level, the level where Palestinian “who live under occupation”, don’t see the occupation anymore, (I am serious, this is not B.S, this is real).
The people I have met over the last years(average locals and even internationals sometimes), made me feel that the occupation doesn’t exist anymore, as if its only exist when soldiers invade Nablus or Ramallah, and what happen in the villages, towns, and Jordan valley is…nothing!.
They pass through Huawra, and Attarah every day, yet they don’t see the soldiers standing at the checkpoint or even the big concrete tours.
Lets say they do see them, but hey, this is not that bad. at least their is no curfew in Nablus..

At last, I must admit, I have no idea whats going on those days, are we in peace? Are we resisting? Are we free? Are we independent? Are we occupied? Are we a life? Are we dead?
But i know one thing, Stop crying the dead and start crying yourself, as a nation, we are all DEAD

Good luck


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