Another Hunger Strike Behind Bars

The minister of detainees in the Palestinian government (yes, we have a ministry for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails) announced earlier today: “Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons will start a hunger strike and practice civil disobedience against the Israeli prison administrations laws”.

The Palestinian prisoners’ protest comes in response to the continued punitive measures Israel adopts to humiliate and dehumanize the Palestinian prisoners in attempt to influence their families, friends or even their political factions.Which is a certain consequence of these measures, since in fact every Palestinian has either been in Jail, or knows someone who has been or is in jail.

Over six thousand Palestinian prisoner face these new punitive measures, inflicted on them from the Israel prison administration, these measures include:

1- A stop of the University education for the prisoners.
2- Expanding the Solitary Confinement.
3- Collective punishment, by stopping family visits.
4- Collective punishment, by banning the prisoners from buying from the prison canteen
5- Freezing the Canteen account for some prisoners
6- Transform the Rooms and Sections of the Detainees into isolates sections.
7- Separating  siblings from each other.
8- Stop selling food from the prison canteen.
9- Collective punishment, by paying fines.
10- Stop to the provision ofnewspapers in the prisons.
11- Stop the transmission of 5 satellite channels inside the prisons.
12- Continuous search and raids of prisoners’ rooms and sections.
13- Banning doctors and medicine from reaching the prisoners
14- Chain the prisoners’ hands and legs during visits and  meeting with a lawyer.
15- The prisoners won’t be allowed to hug or touch their children.

Finally, the Palestinian prisoners decided to take matters into their own hands and stand up against their fascist oppressors. The hunger strike is expected to start tomorrow in the 28th of September, Palestinian activists call for a sit-in, in front of the international red cross, in the west bank city of Ramallah.

For more info, read the Palestinian ministry of detainees press release at maan here and here (Arabic)
and here (English).



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