The UN bid day, what you didn’t see on TV

I barely knew Abu Haneen , I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times.I was even detained with him by the Israeli army at Attara checkpoint at one point. After that, I met Abu Haneen a couple of times, either at a protest at Qalandia or in Nabi Saleh. The last time I saw him was at last Friday’s protest in Nabi Saleh. We barely talked then, I remember how I was showing him some of the pictures I took earlier that day, how we shared a couple of laughs before we went our separate ways at the end of the day. 

Yesterday, while the PA was manipulating the Palestinian masses at AlMannara, some activist took matters into their own hands and marched towards the Israeli wall and checkpoint at Qalandia, announcing it loud and clear “We don’t want to see you anymore”. The Israeli army responded in the only ways it knows: violence. While they were attacking the crowds with gas, Rubber bullets, beating and undercover police; the Palestinian youth responded with the oldest weapons on earth, stones. 

Note the beating of an unarmed man in the first few seconds  

As a result of the clashes some young kids were injured including 13-15 years old Ahed Wahdan who lost his eye, other young men were arrested by the undercover Israeli Police including AbuHaneen.
Ahed carried away by a foreign Journalist 
Although we are aware of the consequences ofgoing into protests and confronting the colonialist army; many will be thrown to jail, and many others will be taking to Hospitals either dead or with serious injuries. Yet, it still hurts every time we hear the news about a fallen or a captured fellow activist
The path is long and hard, but we have no choice. Its either this, or living on our knees; we can’t do that,our knees hurt.


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