The Chair

The Chair.

The Blue Chair.
The UN Chair.
The Palestine’s Right Chair.
The Palestine Deserve Chair. 
The State of Palestine Chair. 
The God Forbid Chair. 
The For God Sake Give Me A Break Chair. 
The Over Compensation Chair. 
The *censored* Chair 
The What Ever You Want To Call It Chair.
Must admit, this blue is pretty nice 
Are we done with the chair!? more?
With chair that big, the US wont Veto

Now, lets put the big ass blue chair a side and lets talk real politics.  
How the UN bid is going to serve the Palestinian cause? 
To be fair watching the US and Israel panicking is pretty amusing, yet this wont change much as the US value it relation with Israel more than its relation with the Arab world “which is already fucked anyway”, adding to that the US presidential election is around the corner, so, Fuck those Arab “VETO”. 
at the same time Israel expect violence to break anytime in the coming days, regardless the PA promises it will be peaceful, the troops in the west bank were increased 20%, new equipment have been bought and of course a lot of statements were made, either calling the PA for negotiation, or claiming the PA is playing solo. “as id Israel is a great team player”
In other hand the coming Palestinian state will mean nothing as long as Israel doesn’t recognize it, after all the Israeli still consider the West Bank as disputed territories, which mean the Israeli government and people wont have any moral obligation to give up the occupied west bank. After all, morality tend to fade away when 40% of you economy come from controlling this territories and its native population. 
Fast Note: Security and military industry make good money without mentioning the settlements and it’s business. agricultural, industrial and touristic”around dead sea” one!
leaving the most important to the end”Those are what concern me the most”, The Right to Return-the core of the Palestinian cause-, and the PLO status as the only representative of the Palestinian people everywhere.
Can someone please explain it to me, how the PLO will represent the Palestinians when the state is declared, people can not have 2 representative, its simply not logical.
The PLO after the establishment of the Palestinian state will no more represent the Palestinian people, the Palestinian state governments will, a government the Palestinian refuges in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and diaspora wont be able to elect.  
Speaking of the refuges, how they expect from Israel to allow the Palestinian refugees back to their original homeland, while the Palestinian state is just next door. Its a first grade logic, Palestinian live in Palestine, Israelis live in Israel! Which mean the Palestinian refuges, if they were ever allowed to return, will be only allowed to return to the Palestinian state, in the West Bank and Gaza, not to their original homeland, Israel will be no more responsible about their cause and their right to return.

The Palestinian want Palestine

Until someone give me a clear answer regarding the PLO and the right to return I will never consider supporting the PA bid in the UN. At the contrary, I will stand with many other Palestinian youth against it(I guess I live in a free nation). After all, Haifa and Jarra aren’t mine to give up.


* Pictures and Art work are stolen from around the web, I would mention the source if I wasn’t lazy to trace them back.


One thought on “The Chair

  1. Excellent article, this also comes at a very convenient and strategic time for those in power when the majority of the generation who endured the nakba are dying… They think the dream of their descendants to return to Palestine will fade, but they forget we still and always will carry the keys of our grandparents' homes that were stolen in 1948. ❤ Free Palestine ❤

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