Danny Ayalon HBO Special

First of all watch the video!

Did you watch the Video? are you sure? The man obviously worked hard on the drawing, music, and even on his personal look. Brought a very lazy script though, he gives the Palestinian as the Israelis only a one word line “NO” for Palestine and “YES” for Israel.

Have you ever watched something really bad on TV, yet you found it really funny, not because it’s funny but because it’s really bad, It happen to me when I watched Spice World, the movie. the video you just watched is the second best thing.

I have 4 reasons to enforce my point, Their is more, but those are the one crossed my mind. so here you go!

1- The Palestinian never fight for the West Bank and Gaza strip, thinking that shows nothing but Ignorance in the conflict”yup, this ignorance is coming from Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs”. The Palestinian since they started their armed struggles they have a single aim, returning to their home land, the 2 state solution was proposed for the first time in the 1978 with Camp David talks with the Former Egyptian president Anwar AlSaddat, PLO agreed on it later in 1993 Oslo accords.

2- Again with the partition of Palestine, resolution 181, and how the Arabs refusal brought nothing but war. let us be crazy here and put ourselves in the Arab-Palestinian shoes, maybe we can understand why they said “No” allow me to use this old example for it.
lets say you have a small farm where you live, one day I showed up from nowhere, and rented a small part of your farm, few years later, my friends showed up and said, “we think you should divide the land between both of you”.
reminder, I didn’t pay you anything in return, and the only paper I have, is a couple of pages from an old book, that says my great great great great great great…….4000times…. great grand father had a small house in this same land.
What would you say? Yes? No? I don’t know about you. but any real man would say No..

3- The 1967 war, when Israel defeated Egypt’s, Syria’s, and Jordan’s armies only in 6 days. was NOT to protect Israel from PLO attacks, or any Palestinian movement attacks “the video showed some flying rocket….. we didn’t have Hamas then to have it’s military wing rockets.”.
Israel based on inelegance information heard Egypt has a better Air force, so they used the whiteman invention “The Preventive War” Attacking them before they attacks us.
Israel did airstrikes the Egyptian air force bases, destroying them in the first few hours, then crushed the ground forces with it well air supported ground forces, they end up invading the West Bank, Gaza, Golan highs, and Sinai desert. Wonder why he ignored the Sinai and Golan highs part, he did talked about the 1967 after all

4- Offering the Palestinian 90% and 100% of the west bank. I am sorry have you ever heard of the Palestinian paper, other people calls it AlJazeera papers… come on.. you must heard of it,.. it leaked what the Palestinian were welling to give, but the Israeli insisted on their famous line, “NO”, “YES”, “NO”, I mean I don’t know…. I guess the leaked documents said “NO”.
I knew something good will come up from those papers after all.

In the end, I hope you all enjoyed the Ignorant misleading video by the one and the only Dany Ayalone.. I can’t wait for the next one.

“People clapping”



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