Just a hashtag, get over it

I might be late to write about the controversial hashtag, ‘WeladElkalb’, that Egyptian activist came up with  to refer to the Israeli protests calling for ‘social justice’. I heard a lot of people calling the hashtag anti-Semitic, while many others defended it.
Many Arabs said the hashtag didn’t  represent them and some even wrote on how much they hated it. The Israeli also used it especially the ‘right wingers” saying “see, Arabs hate us all… want to throw us to the sea.”
This hashtag is for sure insulting, as it was established to insult; it served its purpose. Finally, most of the tweets were mainly designed to mock the Egyptian regime during the revolution and thus didn’t really confront Israel or its calls for ‘revolution’., Thus other than the WeladElkalb part, the hashtag is just fine.
This bring the question is the name of the hashtag, i.e. WeladElkalb, Anti-Semitic? I mean seriously, what is not anti-Semitic these days? Its ridiculous. These days if you “God forbid” said you don’t like Woody Allen movies, You are already called a Nazi. How dare you, you anti-Semitic pig.
PS: having “Arabs to the gas chambers” is not anti-Semitic  
This brings me to my point, this hashtag is insulting and I won’t like to be called (reolace by translation of WeladElkalb ), and I understand the feeling of many Israeli who got offended by it. Yet, I think calling it anti-Semitic is stupid and an unnecessary overreaction, from an over sensitive nation and people.
A nation demanding respect and love from the Arab nations, though they failed to provide for reasons to deserve it. Arabs will only show respect to the one who deserves to receive it; if you want their respect, earn it before demanding it.
When the Danish cartoonist drew prophet Muhamad (PBUH), many people got offended and protested against it. The Danish response: “it’s freedom of speech”, and thus the Danish government protected its people’s right to express their thoughts.
Back then the only thing I could think of was  “It’s just a cartoon get over it”.
So as for now, it’s just a hashtag, “Israel” get over it.

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