This whole idea came to me while reading similar list that a friend of mine wrote about JordanI liked the idea, and decided to make my own list. 

Though I know my friends wrote 50 and I already stopped at 30 (but really I get bored and this happy attitude couldn’t last long enough to get me to write 50 why Palestine Rocks) the 30 reasons why Palestine rocks listed below are the small little things that make me hold on to Palestine. They are not as awesome as having a skydiving field, but they are strong enough to make me handle the military occupation I have lived with all of my life.

So here we go:

1- Knafeh in Nablus.
2- Tumbak shesha at AlShareef.
3- Although it may sound sometimes that nothing is going to work out, by the end of the day, everything is just fine.
4- Shopkeepers listening to Um Kalthom after a long day in the evening.
5- The smell of the old cities.
6- The Shawerma shop in Hebron… I still can’t remember the name of the shop.
7- Passing money in the Taxi service.
8- Wheat harvest near Jenin.
9- Card games during curfew.
10- A call from a friend in Gaza asking about a trick to finish a video game during Gaza war.
11- A piece of onion which some stranger gives you after a tear gas attack.
12- People having so little giving so much!
13- The dark sense of humor.
14- The walk back home after school.
15- Al mariol Al akhdar – public school girl uniform (the teenager inside me said that).
16- Falafel.
17- Turkish bath on a very cold winter day.
18- The smell the peppers shops. 
19- Fresh coffee.
20- A cup of Baboneg (herbs).
21- No matter what, you can always blame the occupation.
22- Hiking in Jericho.
23- Everyone has a story to tell.
24- An old taxi drivers giving you marriage advice.
25- Everyone talking politics all the time.
26- Finding all kinds of people; Communist, Islamist, Secular, Atheist, Religious, Idiots and Smart people; all in the service car.
27- An old woman wearing a traditional Palestinian dress offering you the best tea ever, at her son’s wedding.
28- Walking around the market right before Adan Al Maghreb in Ramadan.
29– The Olive harvest.
30- Being able to reach everything withing a 4 hours drive!

And that’s it.


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