Good morning #Muslim #Nazi

A couple of weeks ago, some fellow Palestine advocate tweeps started a fun “joking” #PalestinianPickUpLine hashtag, it was and still fun, we just ran out of pick up line for now. 

But among those tweeps I couldn’t help noticing some very raciest, Islamophobic remarks, you stuff you get from people who can’t tell between a Sikh and a Shaikh. they mainly come from a single person.. he call himself Jarvis Redwine, under username @AnalBossInsMan 

anyway this man left those comments :

“#PalestinianPickUpLine my two brothers were great #suicide bombers.Killed 100 #Jews between them. They now get their 72 virgins

#PalestinianPickUpLine my two brothers were great #suicide bombers.

I re-tweeted the second one, after adding my personal touch.

some #Idiot still think we celebrate other ppl death! @AnalBossInsMan: #PalestinianPickUpLine my two brothers were great #suicide bombers.

Later he followed me on twitter, this morning i get this as a response to my Good Morning tweets.

I don’t have much response to that, specially to someone with obviously a fake name, and fake account. seriously, how many self-respecting person will have a real account on twitter that start with “Anal”!

When I was a kid, my dad, gave me a book and said, “you can’t blame an Ignorant, I want you to be accountable about every word you say”. This was in the early 90’s, knowledge was few and mainly controlled by corporation, but since then many has changed. Information is uncontrollable anymore, social media is taking over, it’s the world new source of information. 
Knowledge is flowing in the internet space, if you wanna learn anything, you can just Google it. The corporate media, has no power over anything anymore.

The old “I didn’t know” excuse is no longer acceptable. 

Get educated.. at least to know in which side you are. 



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