Developed? Civilized?

As I was going through my flickr contact photos I came a cross with this photo, the photo capture a scene symbolize some of out biggest issue in our current time.. Poverty, Racism, capitalism, and Carelessness. “mentioning few of many”. 
It’s pretty much tell, that no matter how the so called “Civilized, Developed” countries claimed they live in the heaven of  acceptance, tolerance, equal opportunities. the Black man, or the emigrants still work in a fucked up job, while the rich white people enjoy their lives. following fashions, and just pretty much have nothing to worry about. 
I am not saying those people are raciest, I don’t know them, I may never meet them, yet their photograph was more than an eye opener for me. 
you are only a Raciest when you look at this photo and see nothing wrong with it.   
Photo credit for Neta Gov 

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