Bibi in the US Congress

I don’t have much to say about Benjamin Netanyahu inaccurate and misleading speech in the US Congress today, he said what we all knew months if not years ago, Israel wont retreat to the “indefensible” 1967 borders (wonder what the IDF feel about that!), Jerusalem won’t be divided, and of course, “I should have started with that” the unavoidable mention of the Holocaust, and chanting “Never again”  in the US congress 
“I wanna see him doing that in the Third Reich”.

Yet, the speech was interesting and fun to watch, specially if you have at least some basic knowledge about the region, it’s History, and what actually happen on ground. without forgetting what Activist Rae Abileah did, she stood and chanted “Stop Israeli war crimes” Interrupting Netanyahu speech. Indeed my favorite moment.

Through the speech I couldn’t help not to stop at couple of points which I am going to state below. 

1- Palestine Economy “thanks to Israel” marked a 10% growth last year, creating a better economy to the Palestinian.

My response is the following report for ma’an news agency, this report tell the story of a Palestinian family in Yata, in the west bank, this family had to eat chicken leg everyday to survive, through the report you can easily note, it’s not an Isolated case. “The report is unfortunately in Arabic, but the video are scarier than the words”.

Need less to mention 25.7% of the Palestinian people suffer from poverty, 18.3% in West Bank, 38.2% in Gaza, based on the Palestinian statistics center numbers for April, 2011 report. 

2- Through the speech Nentanyahu received more than 55 rounds of applause from the United State Congress member and the speech attendance “including the woman in Green”.. 

I don’t think the Palestinian can count on them for just peace now, if they ever did in the first place.

3- The Palestinian can use internet because of Israel, well he didn’t really say that, but I am pretty much sure he was thinking it, when he said “they even have e-Business now”. 

This is pretty much what I had in my mind now.. If I got anything else,… well, I guess I will tweet it. 



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