The Osama, I think I know!

I dont know how you feel about Osama, hate, Love, appreciation, desgust, thinking he never existed, this is all your business, yet Osama was one of the most influenced name in the last 10 years.

He is the man behind the most rememberable day of my life, I even remember the slightest detail of September11 2001, I remember where I was, the couch I was setting at, when the anchor on MBC said: “An Air plan just hit the World trade center in NYC!” after the Breaking News Music. The only thing I could think about is “WOW, the air plan passed between the 2 buildings and the wings hit both towers!! this look movies like. 
Few minutes later, he talked about other buildings… then another. “US having such a bad day!”, told my dad, who looked to me without saying a word. 
by the evening we were all setting around the TV watching the news, showing the same photage over and over and over…. and over. 
next day I bought the newspaper, cut the pictures “the news paper had a full page just for (the US black Tuesday)” and kept them in my picture collecting box. 

A couple of month later osama showed up on AJazeera, talking about the 911 Attacks, he claimed that he first thought about the attacks while he was watching Western Beirut residential towers being bombed down during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. later in that speech he made the promise that made me fall in love with him… “I promise the US people and government, that they will never rest or feel safe until our brother and sisters in Palestine feel it.”

It was 2001… the second Intifada was just in the beginning, target killing, closure, checkpoint, occupation, air strikes…..etc…. and suddenly someone in a cave in Afghanistan, make such promise to your people… it was a false Hope! maybe, but it was hope.

Years passed, and Osama fad away as Operation Iraq Liberation(OIL) was ON, we froze before AlJazeera, hoping to see the American forces crash by the “glorious” Army of Iraq, looking up waiting for Sadam missiles to fall on Israel, and making jocks about the  American. Specially after the Apache and the farmer story. But in 3 weeks Baghdad was occupied. and the hope we build from Saddam promises died again.

Years passed again, and both Sadam and Osama faded from my memory, until the American executed Saddam Housine(cut the crap those Iraqi puppet didn’t kill Sadam, their finger prints was all over the room), bringing him back to the picture, putting his picture side by side, with Jamal Abdalnasser, SalahAldeen,… and many other Arab’s Heroes. “not of what he did, but of what he stood for.”

Few years later in 2011, the Tunisian revolution broke out followed with the Egyptian one, proposing a more peaceful methodologies, to fight the western supported oppressive regime. an ideology that destroyed the violent resistance to the oppressing regime Osama proposed in 1996, whom we heard nothing from for sometimes, as well.
“PS: when the revolution break in the west opposing countries, it turned to a massacre, so much for the principles they were calling for!!.”

May first,2011. Osama is Dead…
25 of the US navy seals raided a house in Pakistan, 45 minutes later, the american was carrying the body of Osama on a helicopter back to a base in Afghanistan, before they throw his body in the Arab sea.  

First news we heard, was Osama was killed, so another 3 other men and a woman Osama used as a human shield..
12 hours later, we don’t think Osama shot any bullet, he wasn’t armed, the woman died during the cross fire.
24 hours later, Osama 11 years old daughter, my dad was captured a live, dragged to the holicopter before he was shot by the American in front of his family.

I can’t say I am sad for his death, I can’t say I am happy, I don’t think I even cared, many years has passed, since his promise to the Palestinian as a people, yet we were a target too, “17 Palestinian from the same family were killed during Amman bombing, by AlQaeda in Iraq”, I lost interest that day.

But, his death, got me interested again. not because a bad guy was killed “as the west think” or a Muslim Mujahed, died as a shaheed by the American”as many of us think”. I was interested in how the people saw him and his death, so I asked, to get the answers I expected..
I asked “What you think of Osama?” on twitter, the only response I got that doesn’t contain insults, was from an American friend “I don’t miss him.” well, I don’t miss him either!

In facebook, I got more answers, well, at least no one called me “Osama bitch”.
I could see the different between my Muslims-Arab friends and my westerner friends, “which is something I expected!”

My Muslims-Arab friends answers were,

X: “A lost leader and Moslem”.
Y: “regardless of his thought, but i think he was a man trying to prove his points , we agree that his thoughts was Extremist, but how diffrent he was than george bush, they both killed thousands of people while they were trying to prove their points”.but the world sort him as terrorist but george bush as a former president of UN”.
X: “He was trying to defend us and the whole muslem nation not prooving any points”.
Y: “and how he did that?by turning the whole world against us? believe me but their is other way to do that”.

Very much the same old same argument, between the radical who think he is the nation defender and the Muslims moderate who think he is just a man who wanted to prove a point….. have no idea what point they are talking about.

My Westerner friend point of view,

X: “Another victim of “shoot to kill, ask questions later”Y: “Someone who believed that murdering for a cause was acceptable. And therefore someone who was a monster. I’m not saying George Bush or any of the others involved in the war on terror are any good but comparing him to them doesn’t make him a better man. In my book anyone who takes the lives of innocent others (and in Osama’s case, lets not forget that this includes thousands of Muslims) through calculation and cold blooded strategy is disgusting, no matter whether it’s Bush, Bin Laden or anyone else.Z: “I agree with Y completely. The end does not justify the means. No end is justified by that means. Is that really who you want to ‘defend a Muslim nation’? Someone who spreads hate? All he achieved was a massive escalation of conflict and a wider, deeper divide and misunderstanding between peoples.

Well, I understand this point of view and I agree with most of it, you know he is the dude who told the west I am going to kill you all, well maybe not all. I also understand the one who see Osama as the defender of the Nation, regardless the killing of many Muslim, he still the man who stand up for USA during the early age of Palestine’s second Intefada, as 2001, and 2002 wasn’t the 5 stars occupation we live since 2007.. Need to remind you Palestine is the Arab and Muslim nation cause.

In the end, regardless what Osama created and what he did to millions of people, thousands were directly affected, he was a man with a cause, who went after the wrong innocent people.

May his soul rest in Peace.



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