Iran is not my Enemy

Note this is not a defend for the Iranian regime and it’s policies towered it’s own people.

For the last weeks I got in a huge argument with my relative regarding the revolutions in Bahrain and the “Saudi invasion” to suppress the people’s revolution there. the conversation usually ended up with me falling in silent as I realized the uselessness of arguing with someone work for the Saudis!

My relative argument started, by claiming he supported Bahrain’s revolution until he saw the killing of the Police officer by some angry protesters, also hearing them chanting for “Bahrain is Iranian” or seeking help from the Iranian republican guards, helped in his side switching. 

This is something I understand, but if we took a look on the events that lead to those actions, you can easly understand the Bahrain Shias feeling and why they seek the Iranian regime help. I really dont have much to say about what happen in Bahrain, but i think Anna Neistat recorded statement from Human right watch can help. 
also this video will be a great edition

I know, so far I didn’t even mention Iran, well, this is what I am going to talk about now, my cousin as a part of his argument, “this is where I lost my interest in arguing with him” started to talk about the Iranian threat to the Arab countries, which is something I never understood. 
Iran and the Gulf countries, such as UAE, Bahrain and Iraq has some unsolved boarders issues, where Iran “as they claims” occupied some Island that belongs for those countries. 
The Iranian threat myth was the perfect card for the US weapons companies, as they used as an excuse to sell weapons with to those threatened countries, Jet fighter and missile defense system were sold to stop the never came Iranian invasion.
The gulf exploited their resources to stop an imaginary threat “they also exploited it on their royal families”. giving everything to the American to protect them, giving them oil, money, military bases…etc. US has become the Gulf mercenaries. 
At the same time other Arab countries had normal relation with Iran. Syria, Lebanon, Tunis, Sudan, Egypt”after they get rid from the American puppet regime”…etc, they considered Iran as a friend, scary friend, yet less risky than the imperialist power of USA and the EU. 
But I don’t think the gulf state are just threatened, I think they are Jealous “I am being Ironic, but yes they shout be jealous, if they still have dignity”, Iran since the Islamic revolution until our current days managed “Independently” to have their own Space program, Nuclear program, missile system, Jet fighter….etc.. 
At the same time Arab countries has………… American military bases. 

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