Women and Revolutions

When I start writing this, I wanted to write about Women rights and the revolutions in the Arab world, and how some people addressing such issue in a ridicules way such as demanding the revolutionaries not to forget adding “Equal right to women” on their demands list. yet over the last 4 days and since March 15, when Palestinian’s activist hit the streets of Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, and Of course Gaza. Although I could only join after I finish my working hours, I managed to see the few young women and men, surrounded with a relatively big number of action Hijacker.

In March 15 I spent the whole evening standing either with my friends, or setting with the protesters chanting, or singing, one thing I couldn’t help but noticing, those young women (students mainly) who been standing there, for all day long, chanting, singing and defending their action from the Hijacking attempt.

Arab women played a major role in Egypt revolution, “you would notice, if you followed through out twitter” they helped in organizing,  recruiting, end in spreading the word regrading the major marches. For more info, you can check AlJazeera English report on this matter.

I personally, don’t think those women will go back to the “kitchen”, specially after tasting the freedom of the street, they will not let men forgetting about them, ever again. (Time to Run men!)  

When women, or men, call the revolutionaries of Egypt, Yemen or Tunis not to forget about women right, is simply a good call, with a very bad timing. Why? Well, first of all, it’s a revolution, NOT a social movement. second, when you are facing all those thugs and security forces and their attacks one after another. Do you really have time to think about women rights, specially when you are fighting side by side with a woman. “She is fine!” you will think to yourself “If it crossed your mind in the first place”.

In the end, I would love if the world realized what the Arab women are capable of, specially in the after revolution world.

Salute to all of those women who are much braver than me and many other men. in Ramallah, Tunis, Egypt, Gaza, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.

Good night and Good luck


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