Spilled Blood in Itimar

Today the distinguishing breaking news music, was my alarm, I open my eyes, to hear the announcer, “five settlers were killed during the night” at this moment I had the usual smile, Palestinian usually have when they hear such news, yet this smile were gone when the announcer continued, “the five belong to the same family, the parents and their 3 children.”. well, the smile is gone.

I know, many people would say this is terrible how can you smile when you hear about people death, well, live in Palestine for a year, then think we talk.
anyway, I left home to the super market, as I walked through the market, I couldn’t help not hearing the people talking about it.
I heard a lot of theories, I heard a lot of opinions regarding it, and this is what I formed in my mind, in Points, why I think we(Palestinian) have nothing to do with it. 
1- The Attacker/s used knifes, which is something unusual for a Palestinian militant activist to use, as they usually use machine gun, in worse cases pistols.
2- The use of knife in any crime usually mean one of 2,
A. the killer has a personal relation with the victims, as stabbing consider an emotional crime.
B. The killer use it out of necessity such as if he had no other weapons, or his original weapons got jammed, which is impossible, no one will send a combatant to raid a settlement without a proper weapon, knife is not Proper.
3- The Attack was directed to a certain house, usually when Palestinian attack they don’t stop at one place, the keep on going to the next house then the other until they get killed by either the Army or a settlement guard, only 3 recorded attacks that I know about where the Attackers manage to successfully retreat to their bases, non was against civilians. 
4- The sensors were triggered, yet the settlement guard, didn’t act, they didn’t scan the area as they usually do, since when they Ignored such things.
5- The latest report I heard, was about 2 attackers who entered the settlement, and wondered around for 2 hours before they choose the house to attack. they either very lucky, or someone from inside helped. (If you are not aware about the settlement, they are full of cameras and sensors, that can capture a fly)
6- Israel as a government and as settlers benefited  from this attack more than any other Palestinian faction, I don’t think Palestinian factions are that stupid to give them such gift.
7- Finally, No Palestinian faction claimed responsibility for it.

So, this is what I think, this is not based on political, or crime analysis. It is just a personal opinion from someone who strongly hope, it wasn’t his people who did such a crime on political bases.

May their souls rest in Peace, Yet this doesn’t change the fact that settlements is an unwanted entities in the west bank.



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